The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style

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Steer Clear Fabric Shears
Wiss has been a producer of premium shears since 1848. 10-3/8 inch overall length, 4-3/4 inch blade. Bent handle, sharp point.

Itty Bitty Stork Scissors
3-5/8 in. fine point scissors with leather case.

Oh Dear Safety Pins
2 in. sturdy keyhole pins can be used for thick materials such as denim, leather, and canvas. Steel dipped in black, 15 per box.

Holy Moly Measuring Tape
Precision retractable tape measure. Made in Germany.

The Fashion Book
An A-Z reference book of fashion influencers over the past 200 years.

Super Duper Suede Bag
Durable, portable tool bag in natural color suede.


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